Meet the Mermaids

We are the Sirenity Mermaids! We love to play, sing, and meet new friends. As best friends we love to have fun with new friends, help others learn about the ocean, and do our best to be kind to everyone! Our main goal is to provide an enchanting, magical experience for everyone we meet. Book your event today!


Mermaid Jandi

Jandi is a playful, adventurous mermaid! She loves to splash in the lagoon and play hide and seek in the ocean’s deep caverns. She also enjoys sharing stories and telling silly jokes.

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Mermaid Sophie

Sophie is a sweet and silly mermaid! She enjoys hanging out in calm coves and singing songs about her ocean friends. She also loves finding shiny treasures and pretty seashells.

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Ari website.jpg

Mermaid Ari

Ari is an adorable mermaid who loves reading stories and snuggling all her little guppy friends. Ari swims over from Nevada to join us for some of our larger events!

Pirate Ian.jpg

Pirate Ian

Ian is our goofy, super strong mertender! He helps carry all the mermaids around and keeps us all well fed, safe and happy!